Chain Replacements

Things break. Hearts break, phones break, chains break. If your Wild Balance necklace breaks, don't fret. 

If it breaks within 10 days of purchase, repairs on us for FREE

If your necklace breaks because your dog clawed it, your sister tried to steal it or you wore it to death- we got you. 

Replacement Process: 

  • Return shipping is on you. Send to P.O Box 1029 Breckenridge, CO 80424

  • Email orders@thewildbalance.com to let us know it's coming.

  • Repairs + part replacement + shipping for $15 flat

  • Wear, enjoy, repeat.


* we HIGHLY recommend that you take necklaces off to shower & sleep. That light as a feather chain that you love and never really want to take off is delicate and made of very fine wire that will STRETCH over time. Rolling around in bed speeds up this process. If you want to ignore this advice, it's cool; we will replace your chain as many times as you need*

Chain Replacement
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