Metals & Jewelry Care

Brass  &  Copper 

Both of these metals are what is considered a base metal. What you see is what you get. They are both nickel free, yippee! As you wear these jewels on all your adventures they may gather a little tarnish, or patina. Go ahead and give them a wipe with a polishing cloth and they will be good to go.

14K Gold Fill

Gold Filled jewelry is the bees knees. It is as close to the real deal that you can get at a fraction of the price and guess what? It can shiny gold FOREVER with a little love and tenderness. This metal is not a plated, it will not flake, rub off or turn your neck green. When it gets dingy or dull, simply rinse with soap and water. Or take it to the next level and spritz with rubbing alcohol, ammonia or Windex, then give it a rinse in warm water. Polish with a shredded piece of your ex boyfriend’s flannel or any other soft, cotton cloth.

Post earrings

Both the brass and sterling silver studs can be polished back to their original sheen. If you can remember (I can't) to store your studs on their side, just not face down, this will help slow the tarnish process. When they are looking a little rough, polish with a soft cotton cloth, jewelry cleaning solution or a polishing cloth. 

Sterling Silver 

Grab your glasses and check your jewelry for a tiny stamp of the number 925. That is the stamp that ensures that you're getting the good stuff. Sterling Silver, made of 92.5% pure silver and strengthened with 7.5% of another material, has a bad habit of tarnishing over time and with exposure to moisture. If your sterling jewelry starts to look a little dull, simply clean with warm water and just a dab of gentle dishwashing soap. Add a little elbow grease if needed and brush with a soft toothbrush, gently. Be sure to rinse well and dry with a polishing cloth or a soft piece of cotton. To prevent permanent dulling of your Wild Balance jewelry, avoid polishing with paper towels or tissues, which causes tiny marks that dull the metal over time. See below for our recommendation of the best polishing cloth!


This is the only plated metal we create with here at Wild Balance. This means there is a layer of a shiny alloy coating over a brass base. Over time this coating will rub away, leaving you with a brass piece of jewelry. If you’re really excited about this dark, shiny-but-not-to-fancy look, avoid swimming and showering while wearing and store in a dry area; i.e. not your bathroom sink.




We love, love, love the SUNSHINE CLOTH. It is a yellow polishing cloth that works wonders on tarnished jewelry in seconds. You can find them on ETSY